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amazingly funny.

only reason why this is worth it is because of the one Justin made, the others arent really worth it. I know it takes ages to do that stuff FBF (even on paper lol) but still.. also the music was a little awkward when you click on the different animations..

A little late since xmas was some time ago, and the voice acting wasnt too spot on either. But I enjoyed the length of it, good job.
End made me lol

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It was fun at first to learn the mechanics, but I feel like there's a missed opportunity in the game. The first few levels build up the difficulty and make sure the player can instinctively maneuver in the right way, without taking too long to figure out the buttons.

Then comes the precision levels (the ones with 1 tile of space to go through), which do not build upon the main mechanic, but rather rely on the right timing; often introducing a factor of luck.

And finally there is the view distortion, at first the rotation and then actual distortion. Not making the game more interesting from a mechanics standpoint but simply more annoying for the player.

At last you take what the player has learned and switch it around, it took me about 30 seconds to switch from the modes; again not really making the game inherently harder.

This game could have been way harder. It feels as if you had something good, but then didn't knew what to do with it so you just threw some random stuff in it to make it feel harder.

All in all it has been an interesting experience, but it could've been so much more.

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makehimanoffer responds:

Created in 4 days. I think I got what I wanted out of it. Super X.C.V.B will be much more refined. I agree about the difficulty curve and odd level layout. But since I found the game quite easy in the opening levels it becomes difficult to make more of those levels without being like: The player will be bored of this.

I went at this game with the idea that someone playing a free flash game is bored easily and prone to move on. therefore something new has to be introduced quite rapidly. If you get me. The player mindset is different and as such I have to try and accomodate. And when the mechanics are learned, expanding on them is actually fairly hard. I have ways to do it though. but I wouldn't have had the time for this particular game.

ok it's not good but it's ok.
Points of improvement:

blocks look pixely when rotated.
Reset button looks bad.
there are 2 mouses on the screen I'm very confused when playing.
One time I clicked and two blocks disappear I was very freaked out.
No tutorial.
Mediocre level design, but + 10 bonus points for the penis level it was classy.

Yeah! I beat it in classic mode! (with 16 lives to spare even)
This game reminds me of I wanna be the Boshy somewhat, like the style of it although a factor of luck is also involved in completing some levels.

I really like these anti-accessible games that have a more narrow demographic, feel way better when you complete them.

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that was pretty good, didn't expect to hear such great vocals.

15thDimension responds:

Well that's happy news to me! Thanks for leaving a review!

I actually enjoyed listening to this.

sounds like zombies, but gay.

Jay responds:

They're actually supposed to be aliens or something.

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I wish to buy this art for a million, billion dollars; if only I had that money.

really good, especially the facial expression of Jesse.

Oh it's useful alright!

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